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God blesses the persistant...

A couple weeks ago, my trainer and personal friend, contacted me and told me that her son was having problems with the Jeep that her husband had just gotten him and wanted to know if we would check it out.  They had taken it to a Jeep dealership and they were told that it wasn't worth the money to fix it and they should just get rid of it, but they wanted a second opinion.  We worked on diagnosis for almost three days as there were multiple wiring problems and codes being thrown by the car.  Once cleared the engine codes being thrown weren't coming back regularly indicating that they were false codes.  Further inspection indicated that there was no communication to the transmission computer and through testing we found it was in limp mode stuck in third gear.  With a little faith and a lot of effort, we moved forward to fix the transmission, a good portion of wiring, and a computer.  That family now has an excellent running driving car and didn't lose the investment of a vehicle because God granted us the patience to be dilligent and persistent and keep pursuing an answer in a system that wasn't giving up its secrets willingly.

We are so grateful for every day that we are blessed to be in business and taking care of you our customers and friends!  We look forward to growing with all of you in the future!

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